Laarmann Test sieves are produced to comply with the specifications set out by the world's most demanding Standards: B.S. 410 / I.S.O. 3310 parts 1 & 2 and A.S.T.M: E.11 amongst others.


Representative dividing of bulk samples from 2 Litres up to bulk material. In-line, big bag or stand alone sampling.


Durable Laarmann jaw-crushers and pulverizers for rapid reduction of hard and brittle materials. Reducing materials from +10 cm down to micron end fineness.




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About us


Since 2008, we are a continuously growing manufacturer in the scientific market. At our headquarter in Roermond Netherlands, we are continuously improving and designing innovative solutions in sampling solid materials and for preparation these solids. From bench top micro ball mills to big bag installations.

Our commitment

to keep continuous improvement on sample preparation techniques is highlighted in the release of a next generation pulverizing mill, high-capacity fine jaw crusher and innovative robotic systems. The demands of modern industry require high production rates, reduced lead times, and improved quality and lower costs. Automation offers solutions to these continuously growing demands. Recognizing that automation and robotics are the future of sample handling and preparation, LAARMANN has engineered processes to automate key items of its extensive range of mineral laboratory sample preparation equipment.

The success of these automation projects has been based on practical experience within the mining and bulk industry teamed with creative engineering to meet challenging customer requirements.