LMBR-500 Bottle roller 220V

The LMBR500 is a laboratory machine used for bottle rolling. The rollers can be adjusted to fit several sizes of bottles.
Using the bottle roller will result in grinding and mixing the sample at an adjustable rotating speed.

The rollers can be easily adjusted to meet the required bottle size.


If you want another size or a machine for multiple bottles? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can always find a solution for your requirements.



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The bottle roller is equipped with a safety cage and closed down with a manual safety switch. The cage will be supported with pneumatic springs.

  • Interval reversing program. Max 60 intervals per 24 hours.
  • From 5 seconds up to 99 days programmable.
  • From 29 to 280 RPM drive speed. Bottle speed is depending on the bottle size.
  • Easy adjustment key included for different bottle sizes.

Additional information

Weight41 kg
Dimensions40 x 60 x 30 cm


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