LAARMANN Webshop Frequently Asked Questions

We usually have large and heavy orders, we choose the cheapest and fastest available shipping option that is currently available on our list of shipping companies. Therefore, we can not give a direct price indication during the checkout process. If you would like your order to be shipped, please choose “Ship the order” and we will send a invoice with the delivery cost after submitting the order.

If the product is in stock we can give a fast delivery time of about 3-6 days depending on the country of destination. If not, the product needs to be manufactured. In case of a machine it can take up to 6-8 weeks. In case of spare parts it takes 1-2 weeks

We accept online payments such as PayPal. we have also the option for wired bank transfers. Other options will be added later on. If you need help with your payment please contact

Our consumables for example test sieves, grinding media, bowls and disks,jaw plates and side liners are compatible with other comparable models. Some specific machines spares such as the flotation machine require a LAARMANN model. if you are uncertain don’t hesitate to contact us on

Our products use international approved materials of the best quality such as : stainless steel, agate, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide and others. Most of the product will have the used material in the description.

  • Our Test Sieves are made according to ISO3310-1 and ASTM–E11 standards
  • Our TML testing equipment is made according to the IMSBC code.
  • Our bond testing equipment is made according to the BOND Grinding and Crushing Calculation standard
  • Machines all include a CE certificate and follow these safety regulations

Some customers are not certain which machine, installation or product to use for their project. This is normal, the sample preparation process can be quite complex. However, we have a lot of experience helping customers find their fitting product by analysing the details of the process, such as: material specifications and the required end fineness. We’ve developed numerous of custom projects. Have a look at our project page on our main website for some examples.

If you would like some direct feedback on your project please visit the custom product page and fill out the sample preparation questionnaire.

We have a few ways to show the legitimacy and quality of our products; we have list of applications that is regularly updated on our main website. We also have a YouTube channel that has introductions of the machines and other products. to request more product details please contact us on

Your personal details are only used to immprove the user experience on the website. Visit our privacy policy page for more information

LAARMANN provides a warranty for manufactoring errors.

If you still have other question don’t hesitate to contact us on or submit you question on our contact page