CM2500 Cutting Mill

The CM2500 Cutting Mill is used by laboratories and processing companies for cutting granulate solid materials such as waste, wood and thermoplastics.

  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Full range of bottom sieves
  • The CM2500 can handle samples of up to 150Kg/h

The material to be processed falls into the cutting chamber of the Cutting Mills via a guide chute. Than the product is shredded between rotating and fixed knives. The product passes the sieve as soon as its reached the desired size. The sieve extends over the lower half of the grinding chamber and can be changed easily. Final particle size is determined by the selected sieve perforation aperture.

When the grinding process is finished the grinding chamber is fully accessible for quick and easy cleaning by unscrewing two hand screws and folding back the infeed hopper.

3-6 weeks assembling time

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